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The Official Team National Newsletter - October, 2011
President's Note                                                         

Halloween brings out the kid in me and in our staff! It's a fun excuse for candy, treats and laughter. It also signals to me that the holidays will be here soon and so will the start of a new year. For me, after Halloween, the rest of the year is done in the blink of an eye because so much is going on. If that happens to you too, I suggest you do your best to stay in the moment every day. Enjoy the fun, busy and sometimes crazy days ahead. You decide how the year ends and the success you will have this year!

The Atlanta Unity Convention was truly one of the best conventions because of the new format and contributions of 30 Platinums sharing, inspiring and encouraging others. We also recognized people in the Millionaire's in the Making Club and the Millionaire's Club, Thursday night, it was spectacular! The momentum and excitement are rolling everywhere, with local events having record attendance and growth.

We want to see you in Kansas City for our next National Convention March 15-18th, 2012. Our top leaders will share business-building information, the corporate office will share updates and our vision and we will recognize leaders all weekend long. Our latest promotion helps you get there, it is our Cash For Convention Promotion. You can win convention tickets and cash! Click here for more information.

You have 60 days to finish 2011 strong. Keep moving forward, keep having fun, keep sharing the awesome income potential and savings membership for great success.

To the kid in you, have fun and enjoy life!

Warm Regards,




Millionaire's Club!                                                       
  Mike & Sheila Atkinson
Brad & Kristin Barton
Anna & Mike Beverly
Bud & Cinda Caughman
Joan & Dewey Coursey
Mary & Bob Dubois
Stephanie & Tony Dunn
Robert & Donna Fason
Dixie & Don Garrison
Laura & Don Glover
Janie & James Goettl
Mary Ann & Chris Hagerty
Jill & David Hervey
Kim & Danny Johannes
Jennifer & James Keller
Ken & Sandy Kelm
Dennis & Debbie Martin
Pat & Roy Manley
Bobby & Courtney Matheny
Debbie & Larry McDonald
Matt & Johnna Parr
Marvin Ross
Ron & Sheila Steffes
Tom Willhoit & Judy Cox
Debbie & Randy Weekley


Millionaires in the Making (earning $100,000-$999,999)     

Charles & Karen Ackerman
Lamar Adams
Deborah Arnold
Donald & Michelle Ashley
Erik Bakewell
Bruce Ballard
Jason Barton
Laura Battle
Thomas Baumer
Tom & Kim Belloli
Brian & Sheri Beyler
Mark & Bridget Biermann
Timothy Birnie
Terry Bishop
Jerry Black
Bob & Jane Black
Kristine Blessing
Joyce Bond
Lou & Jerry Boschert
Brian Boyd
Daniel Boylen Jr.
Dawn Boyter
Roger Brantley
Marcella Brittingham
Carolyn Brown
Michael & Sandra Brown
Floyd & Martha Carmical
Bill & Carol Case
Joseph Castellanos
Angie & Mike Chaudoir
Bryan Childers
J Dianne Chitwood
Carissa & John Clack
Dawn Clark
Shirley Cole
Anna & John Colley
Amy & Bill Connelley
Clare & Dorinda Conroy
Ronnie & Cynthia Cox
Kimberly Crager
Ray Daniels
Bill Day
Eliza & Adam Dezelle
Barbara & Danny Dobson
John Donovan
Laura & Thomas Dubois
Ibra Dunkin
Scott Duval
Arron Duvall
Phyllis Eberl
Ray & Judy Eddleman
Joe & Ann Edwards
Royce & Carolyn Eisenhauer
Marlon & Carol Ekhoff
Jack & Regina Ellis
Lorraine & Bill Endsley
Manal & Riadh Fakhoury
David Farmer & Kendra West
Mary Kay & Mike Farrell
Teresa & Larry Flake
Larry Flowers
Dana & Jess Frazier
Steve & Donna Gantt
Dale and Deborah Gillikin
Mary & Mike Gomez
Carolyn Goodwyn
Ron Goodwyn
Tony & Maggie Grasso
Michelle & Craig Gregory
Kristy Guerber O'Dell
Rick Guyton
Calvin Hagan
Robert Harkrider
Elisa Harper
Teresa & John Harper III
David & Darla Harris
Judy & Kenny Joe Harris
Darrell & Joyce Hettinger
Denise Hill
Kevin Hintermeister
Crystal & Michael Holihan
Eric Holly
Shelly Jackson
Jeremy Johannes
Tom & Karen Johnson
George Jones
James Kiefer
Randy & Judy Klock
Chris & Lynn Kuhn
Anna Lane
Mike & Karen Lantz
Charlie Laturno
Gregg & Robin Layne
Talyia Leeper
Peggy & Scott Lester
Susan Lindemann
Margret & Bill Linder
Lyn Loveless
Jim Lowe
David & Maureen Mann
Peggy Marsh
Dean & Jennifer Marsh
Bob & Karen Mayberry
Eddie Mayfield
Catherine McAtee-Luick
Marlene McCarter
Tim & Jan McIntire
Lesley Minix
Robert & Judi Montgomery
A Harold Montgomery Jr.
Gail Morgan
Jerry & Cindy Morgan jr.
John Mark Morrell
Judge Morris
Gary Morris
Doris Moss
Greg & Annie Nickell
Sherry Oliver
Lori & Robert Olson
Roberta Olson
Rod Olson
Brian Ousley
Douglas & Leila Parker
Kristin Pearson
Mickey Peck
Gail Pendergrast
Pat Phillipps
Abbe Poline
Joyce & Dale Powell
Brett Pultz
Steve & Kim Rachal
Betty Raymond
Rhonda Regier
Nadine Reynolds
Tracy Rhoades
Mary & Johnnie Richey
Sally Robinson
Daryl Robinson
Kathy & Ernest Salazar
Jeff & Cindy Sanborn
Jerry Schweitzer
Edward & Tea Schwienebart
Johnny & Robin Self
Carolyn Sepulvado
Alice Sharp
Timothy Sharp
Tim Sharp
William Shawhan
Debbie Shewin
Alan Sickman
Carol Siebert
Christina Simmons
Lisa Simpson
Carla Sims
Rowdy Slavin
Neal Smith
Alan Smith
Keith & Lea Smith
John Spencer & Susan Thomas
Wayne Spencer & Linda Leonardi
Jeff & Robyn Staebler
Rita & Donnie Starkey
Karen Stiles
Johnny Suthard
Fred & CJ Swindle
Steve Targy
Angela & Russell Terry
Harold Thomas
Tony Thomas
Shelby Thomason
Edward & Joni Timms
Shane Tipton
Ron & Martha Truluck
Gordon Turner
Kerry & Dianna Vance
Mike & DeeDee Vaughn
Mary Vermillion
Leah Vincent
Fritz & Karen Voss
Paul & Lori Wagner
Rhea Waldrep
Ronnie Paul Waldrep
Sherry Ann Watanabe
Dianne Waters
Russell Watson
Dennis Waystedt
Linda & Charles Weaver
Nelson Weeks
Michael West
Deana Wilkerson
Sonny & Becky Williams
George & Janice Wingo
Michael Wood
Linda Worley
Jim Wylie
Lisa Yarbrough
Earl Ziebarth






Unity Convention !                                                  

Tips from The Top!
New Platinums Cynthia & Ron Cox! The crowd is pumped!!
Phil Chrysler, EVP engages the crowd! New Double Platinums Stephanie & Tony Dunn!
New Platinums Maureen & David Mann! New Platinums Mark & Bridget Biermann!
Awesome Cruise Winners!

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