Members Savings Guide 2017 V.22

Medium-Dark Premium Roast Medium-Dark Premium Roast TN Organic Coffee TN Organic Coffee Light-Medium Premium Roast TN Organic Coffee An exclusive blend of beans from distinctive plantations in Peru and Guatemala, this world-class specialty grade coffee is shade-grown to assist in the conservation of our global environment. Harvested from December through April to brew a coffee that is both gentle and bright, with balanced acidity and a pleasing sweet chocolate note. This distinctive blend combines beans with different profiles from growing regions throughout South and Central America. This perfect complement of tastes provides deeper complexities and nuances in the cup than any single variety of bean. Harvested from December through March to create a brew with a perfect balance of muted dark chocolate and a lingering, clean sweet finish. Fully recyclable cups are better for the environment and works with all single serve brewing systems. Advanced brewing technology delivers a more favorable single serve cup every time. CERTIFIED ORGANIC AND CERTIFIED FAIR TRADE, these 100% fine Arabica beans are grown at elevations from 3000 to 6500 feet. BIG N STORE TN Organic Coffee